This website is dedicated to the film, Kazik and the Kommander’s Car, and Kazik Piechowski  b. 1919 who was imprisoned in the German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz for being a Polish boy scout. On June 20th 1942 he escaped with three others in the Kommander’s car and now 70 years later Kazik is still alive to share his story…

British songwriter Katy Carr wrote the song, ‘Kommander’s Car,’ about the last 80 metres of Kazik’s escape. This film documents the first time Katy met Kazik to give him her song.

Welcome to the website for the film and DVD Kazik and the Kommander’s Car. 

On June 20th 1942, Kazimierz ‘Kazik’ Piechowski, a Polish boy scout, and three other political prisoners, disguised themselves as SS officers and drove out of Auschwitz, the German Nazi concentration camp. The car they took was a Steyr 220 car which belonged to the then death camp SS Kommandant, Rudolf Höss. This is their story.

It is with great honour we share this film and DVD in 2012 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Kazimierz ‘Kazik’ Piechowski’s infamous escape.

The DVD features over 118mins of original video footage, music and artwork, we hope that this true story of camaraderie, where the impossible became possible, will inspire people of all ages and nationalities worldwide, telling an epic story dedicated to the country that Kazik holds most dear to his heart, Poland.

Please enjoy this site and film and share the story with your friends — we would love to hear your feedback — and if you would like to book a screening with the film makers please email us: info@kazikfilm.com