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Thank you very much for watching the film. Please feel free to share your responses to Kazik’s story here. It would be great to hear and read about what you thought and felt about the story, the song, the documentary, and the history connected to Kazik’s story. And if you would like to share a message with Kazik, please post one here in the comments box at the bottom of the page and we will share it with him.
Please let us know your first name when commenting, and if you are a Scout, which Scout group you belong to.

Below is a message from Katy and Hannah about how to get involved and leave your comments and responses :)

Here are few questions that might help you :)

1. If you have a message or a question for Kazik, what would it be?

2. What did you think about the documentary film? Which bits did you like best, and why? were there any parts you didn’t like? How did it make you feel? Did anything about the film surprise you?

3. What did you think about Katy Carr’s song Kommander’s Car?

18 thoughts on “Say Something

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  2. It’s the touching and great composition !!!
    Mister Kazimierz is the hero !!!

  3. i met with katy today regarding nothing to do with the video or song but following some small talk auschwitz became the topic of conversation and this is how katy told me about kazik’s story i have a big interest in the whole auschwitz story and was amazed what i was hearing, following this i have watched this film and this man should be given an honourable award by the powers of his country the man is a living legend personally its about time the german government should make a public appolige for this discusting treatment of the jewish and other nationalities that they put to death although it will not make the pain any easier but will show they admit they were so wrong in the actions they took
    must just a last word katy it was great to meet with you today and thanks for the chat such a great story created so differently to other documentries and so very lucky to met such a warm hearted man thank you for bringing his story to the public xx

  4. Thank you so much for publicizing Kazik’s story!!! What is truly unfortunate, is that humble heroes like himself usually suffer more (Kazik’s parents were killed in retribution for his escape, then Kazik himself was jailed by the Communists) and are ultimately forgotten (many die in solitude or being tortured, or their memory is tarnished by false post-war accusations). The aftermath of WWII (the fact that Poland, even though it had been a faithful ally, was relegated under the Soviet sphere of influence) caused a further distortion of historical memory, and many such stories remained trapped behind the Iron Curtain. These days, it is possible to dig them up, but we better hurry, because not many people like Kazik remain. Thank you again for showing his story and highlighting his humble humanity. Truly inspirational!
    ~Malgorzata, native of Warsaw, Poland

  5. I’m interested in Steyr cars because my father’s family in pre-war Germany had two of them. This is how I found the video. My family are holocaust surviviors and because of this I was interested in Kazik’s story and can relate to his time in Auschwitz. My father spent a short amount of time in a concentration camp in early 1939 before he was able to leave Germany with the rest of his family.

  6. I was so much moved by what heard and saw here. Kazik is one of those incredibly brave man who proved that living with accordance to the own ideals, no matter how overwhelming are the adversities, really makes sense. Some other great names came to my mind when I was watching this: Witold Pilecki, Zygmunt Szendzielarz, Warsaw Uprisers, Rafał Ganowicz and many other Polish citizens who fought against evil during WW2 and after.
    Thank you Katy for doing this. Your songs are very moving and precious piece of art.

  7. 1. Czuwaj! Pozdrowienie od harcerzy polskich w Norwegii!
    [Stay Alerted! Regards from the Polish scouts in Norway!)
    2. The stories Mr. Piechowski talled about individuals, boy-scouts who lost their lives and people who escaped with him. I would like to listen more about this Polish reverend, or Gienek the Ukrainian, what a mix of people in this one steyr! The scene when Mr. Piechowski is listening to the song is a bit to privat to me…
    3. Surprising good! In the begining the car-horn-rythm seems to be irritating but vocal is so soft and beautyful and keeps a balance. When the text comes with this thrilling piano evrything starts to sound perfect. :-)

  8. My father left Poland at the age of 16. Forced into slave labour by the Nazis and later liberated by the Allies. He later joined and fought with General Maczeks First Armoured Division. Due to the political situation in post War Poland he along with many others, decided not to return to his home land but stay and make his home in Britain. He met and married an English girl and I and my brother are the result. Sadly my father and mother are no longer with us.

    I saw Poland for the first time when I was 16. There is a symmetry in that which I cherish. Its a very strange feeling discovering a land, a culture and a family that I really knew nothing of. Proud Pole that my father was he also proud of his adopted home.

    I have had a strong emotional and intellectual pull towards Poland ever since that first visit. Understanding some of the history (through the work of Norman Davies) has been essential in my growth. I now spend much of my time in Poland. I have visited Auschwitz on a number of occasions. Its a place that leaves you without words.

    The song and the story are beautiful and the voice you give to Kaziks journey is truly moving and wonderful. I came across your name quite by chance (in Media Markt) just simply noting your name and the Polish word Paszport. It really surprised me. I had assumed it might be a World War Two connection and I suppose in many ways it was.

    I am glad to have found you and the special things you are doing. Thank you. Long may it continue. I think there is a really desperate need to give voice to those times and the pain people have had to endure and the impact it has had on millions of lives.

  9. Moved and mesmerized by Kazik’s story and Katy’s song. Love the film; love that you’re sharing these wonderful, beautiful stories of Polish heroism with the world.

  10. Thank You very much for the opportunity to see the film! I’m Polish girl, I know the story of Mr Kazimierz and I’m glad that now it is known in whole world. It’s very touching, that others people are interested in Polish history. Thank You! I wish You all the best! :)

  11. I discovered the Polish side of my family only last year and in September 2012 travelled to Poland to meet my wonderful family who all welcomed me with open arms.
    My father Wladislaw Szkoda was imprisoned then deported to a Siberian work camp where he escaped with three other prisoners, it took them two years to walk to Italy and only two of them made it. He then joined Anders Army and fought at the Battle of Monte Cassino where he was very badly wounded and lost an arm. Like Kazik, my father actually had a death sentence and he could not return to Poland until 1990 when his sentence was commuted. He received a full military funeral in Warsaw in 2008, it was his desire to be buried in his beloved Poland.
    I went to Auschwitz and cannot imagine the horrors that Kazik and the other prisoners endured. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story, the video and songs are really spectacular. Please pass along my best regards to Kazik. To have endured so much and then be imprisoned by the Russians is incredible – he is my hero!

  12. Katy dziękuję, że opowiedziałaś historię Pana Kazimierza w tak piękny, ujmujący sposób… W Twojej piosence odnajduję wiele emocji, każda nuta pokonuje kolejny km drogi, którą uciekali! Gratuluję też świetnej płyty “Paszport” – wczoraj słuchałam jej po raz pierwszy… Pozdrowienia z Górnego Śląska! :)

  13. Incredible how well you did it! The music is just perfect, the video and drawings are moving me so much, but what touches me the most is the documentary + web-site and all your efforts to make people to see the movie and react to it. This is much more than music. I live not too far from Tczew and Gdańsk and only now I learn about mr. Kazimierz. Respect! A jeśli można jemu coś przekazać to Czu-waj! Katy jesteś wielka! Powinoszowania…

  14. Dear Lady, thank you very much for supporting the memory of Polish history. We are grateful a lot for you. Your work helps us to stop antipolonism and polonophoby that are growing up.

    Serdecznie pozdrawiam i ślę ukłony.

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